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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 16, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EST

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welcome to "red eye." it is like everyone loves raymond, if by raymond you mean horse tranquilizers. now to andy levy with a pre game report. >> coming up on the big show, danny glover said the earthquake in haiti was a result of what we did at the summit in copenhagen. some say he is crazy and others say -- well, everyone says he is crazy. the race to fill ted kennedy's seat heats up and is martha copely becoming a jokely. and a bag was found with a small amount of cocaine. we'll investigate what this means for the space agency's zero tolerance and zero g's policy. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> here we go on the smooth side. i'm the guide with the source and of course i don't want to be the king or the bo is and get my point across. realize we are on the rise to the climate. >> whatever. whatever you say. >> yeah, what eva, what eva.
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let's welcome our guests. i am here with criminal defense attorney randy spencer. she knows passing the bar like i know passing out at the bar. and he is funnier than an elf getting a lap dance from a drunken leprechaun. he is on week nights and he causes chuckles like i attract knuckles. i am beaten up daily on the way to work. and he is my yin to my yan and the pinky to my brain and the edith to my archie and the niles to my frasier. he is my repulsive sidekick bill shultz. and sitting next to me at the table, it is true, the delightful writer allison rosen. she is so sharp cutlery considers her their patron saint. and he is the bee's knees of dead trees. he is our new york times correspondent. good to see you again. >> you know who is a word mogul? our reviewer carol vogle, and
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her is sort of like a seagull. i'm running out of rhymes, greg. >> you are. >> i am running out of rhyme. >> you pathetic thing. and now to the greg-alogue. it is a tad poll of truth. now, the fact that danny glover is nuttier than elephant poop should surprise no one. now he has topped himself as the washed up actor blames the haiti earthquake on the response to the climate change conference. check it out check it outers. >> brazil, cuba and other countries have already accepted the point that this is a great moment, but another type of internationalism. you know, and i hope we seize this moment. it can happen in haiti and it can happen anywhere in the island nation. it is because of global warming and they are impaled
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because of the climate change. and we need to -- when we did what we did at the climate summit in copenhagen, this is the response. this is what happens. you know what i'm saying? we have to act now. >> idiot. now, this guy is supposed to be an expert, but instead of identifying the obvious that the area is ripe with political corruption and poverty, often experienced more devastation after a natural disaster, he blames it all on our nonplus response to copen hey again. clearly global warming has infected his brain so severely he can't think straight. it could explain why he did "saw 5". but glover is nothing compared to media matters. people struggle with human suffering, what does this media watchdog group do? they released a study on how much fox news devotes to the quake. it again shows what happens when ideology pickles your brain. rather than seeing the quake,
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all they see is fox news. here is how i envision it using red eye robot theater. >> david, have you seen the numbers since the earthquake? >> i know. it is absolutely incredible. >> i believe thousands are dead. >> yeah, whatever. i was talking about the number of minutes fox news devoted to the quake. i think this will make a great press released. >> david, don't you think that's a little crass. >> how so? >> using tragedy to make an i'd logical point seems kind of gross to me. >> you know what is gross? your pants. take them off. >> right now? >> yes. bring me my lotion. it is 5:00 somewhere. >> true, it is always 5:00 somewhere. anyway, let me quote eric burns. it is apparent in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, fox's
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top rated shows would rather discuss sarah palin and john stewart than deliver actual news. not quite, eric. in the midst of human crisis, how creepy is it you would rather choose to sit in a little room and countdown to the second the amount of coverage fox news gave to the tragedy. even more, how can you be so clueless to question their intent without admitting how scum me you are for using death to indulge your own bitter compulsion. if i had the number to a good shrink, i would give it to you. if you disagree with me, you are worse than danny glover. i like that new thing. remi, glover blames america for everything. is there any truth to this? should we be hanging our heads in shame? >> you know, this is insane. watching or listening to him speak he said, this is the response to what happened in copenhagen, you know what i
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mean? no, i don't know what you mean. it is ridiculous. she a struggling actor after "lethal weapon" and nobody has watched him. i wouldn't be surprised if this might be just a way to get some publicity around his name again. >> he has done this before. he is nut, right? >> yeah, i don't think this was a calculated attempt to latch on to a tragedy for personal gain. although i think a lot of other people are doing that. to chalk the tragedy up to anything other than plate tectonics is infuriating. there are a lot of things humans do to cause destruction, and an earthquake is not one of them. there are people on either side of the aisle who are trying to make a political point out of this and it is gross. like the robot said, be a political beast every other day of the year. to for a week put it to rest and be a human being. >> sometimes only the truth can come from a mouth of a robot. >> would you believe the second night in a row the robot looks like dr. phil? that is starting to disturb me. >> it may be dr. phil. he may have possessed the
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robot. >> okay. >> steven, i have to ask you, the other things that glover was saying in that bite was he praised the nations like venezuela and cuba for their forward-thinking approach. i was trying to figure out, what have they done? evil america will send more aide and send more troops to help these people than any of these other countries combined. >> well, all venezuela has done is give danny glover someone to spoon with on overseas trips. he and hugo are tight with each other like that. and two hours of waiting to drop some tectonics and allison ruined it for me. danny glover, he is certify blee insane. he needs to understand the reason cabdrivers don't pick him up is not because he is black, but he is visibly looney. people know that now. i want to hit him upside the head with pat robertson if that is possible. >> there you go. they are both a match made in
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heaven. >> i saw you get visibly angry when remi said his last good movie was "lethal weapon." >> three words, "operation dumb bow drop." >> i haven't seen it. >> i happen to be a film buff which includes watching a lot on the couch. i will say, if i have learned anything about our coverage of pat robertson, yes, we must acknowledge that danny glover has said these things before, and they are not good. but we need to acknowledge all of the good he has done in the world, greg, and we need to say it three times whether it is the charities in africa or whatever money he has probably given to hugo who probably ate it. danny has done good, good things in this world, and i hope it doesn't overshadow them. >> i i think it has. >> really? >> yes, it has. >> we said that last night. >> did we? i thought it was open-ended. >> end of discussion here. >> i say rent" operation dumb bow drive." it will leave you laughing.
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from a total joke to a sputtering coke. the race to fill ted kennedy's old senate seat tightens like something that really tightens. the white house announces that president obama will head to massachusetts. a month ago the democratic candidate was considered a lock to win next tuesday's election. but after a series of screw ups, scott brown is leading coakley by four points. in a state bluer than a suffocating smurf. and many residents may be turning against coakley because of a role in an infamous case, thisy were convicted of sexually assaulting kids in their care at a preschool. they were actually convicted in the 80s. in the 90s, the two women were given a new trial and resulting in their immediate released. another judge found that all of the testimony against the family was bs. in short, the family was innocent. but despite a vote by the parole board to commute the sentence, coakley who was the county's district attorney in
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1999 worked hard to keep the family in jail. anyway, we at "red eye" are sure we found the real reason for scott brown's surging numbers. >> wow. that went on any longer and we would have lost all of our cameramen. >> i thought we agreed it would go on for five more minutes. where were you at the meeting? >> two people were going to leave the building. >> yeah, to buy cos -- cosmo. >> but have you seen his awesome daughter? check it out. >> ♪ feel you ♪ need you ♪ i want you to need me ♪ cuz i need you ♪ more than you can snow
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>> holy toledo. allison, this is one hot family. >> they just lost my vote. they didn't have it anyway, but if they did they lost it after that. too much singing. >> you don't like the singing daughter? >> no. >> this is a very attractive family. are you surprised that they are surging ahead? i think she is gonna win it. >> no surprises at this point. but a little inside baseball here and bring people in and take away the curtain. what you just saw is the het row buffer. do the congo and layout for 5 minutes and then you throw in the hot chick to reuh official our own, still questionable heterosexual walt. >> this case is amazing. this is back in the day when there are all these hysterical trials and cases where there was say tan nick molestation. it turned out to be all bs. it was all on recovered memories and kids can make up all this stuff. but this woman persisted in
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keeping this guy behind bars. why did she do that? >> you know, this reminds me of arthur miller's the crewsable, the salem witch trials, where people want to be on the side of good and they think they are doing the right thing. people get caught up in it, swept up in it. she was in a position where she knew of the lack of evidence. there was -- not to get graphic, but there was a very brutal sexual attack that was allegedly committed on a 4-year-old with a butcher knife. there wasn't a scratch. there wasn't a cut. there wasn't a single shred of physical evidence. we have learned that not so much children make things up, but the manor in which they are questioned is what creates these statements, these allegations which is all they had. she dug her feet into the stand and took her position. instead of admitting that three innocent people could have gone to jail, she put her career over justice and it could end her career for a
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mistake. >> the whole thing is the way kids were questioned and the amount of attention, and it was a tragedy for all of these people who ended up in jail. brown actually said he didn't want obama to come to massachusetts, and then obama is now coming to massachusetts. is that a good thing? is brown happy he is coming? he didn't help anybody in new jersey when he went to new jersey. >> yeah, maybe we should ask john corzine. you know, all of my homeys on the right are getting excited about this race right now. it is good. it is massachusetts and it is close and it is good enough. this is still well within the margin of acorn. i think a republican has to win there by like 50 percentage points for the courts not to muck it up and get al franken on it and allow every ballot with finger paints. it is too close for everybody to get too excited. coakley has a history of she lets the bad -- the real bad people go, and she incars
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rates the people who are probably innocent is. she is very backwards. if she was attorney general of california charles mann son would be runing a daycare center if she was in charge. >> that would be disturbing. >> i am getting word from the producer, and there are in fact no homies on the right. i hate to do that before andy comes on. >> there was one but he flip flip-floped. >> late 2000. >> from studs to studies, it is the mother of all research findings from the geniuses at mind blowing university. turns out men and women are happiest on weekends. yeah, it is true. research done at the university university of rochester, in new york, found people feel better from friday night to sunday afternoon regardless of age, education, salary or living with bill. shrinks say it has something to do with feeling more independent on weekends. that and the lamp skin shorty roib you can wear without being harassed. here is what i do on the weekends.
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>> it was a worthy opponent. a super fun brunch mate, fyi. remi, do you buy this? do you feel better on the weekends than during the weekdays? >> i would like to say i feel good all the time. >> i would love to prove that. >> the study says people who work on the weekends don't fit into that conclusion or result from the study. i work on the weekends and i feel good on the weekends. i think people not having to answer to bosses or clients may have something to do with it too. >> i will disagree with you on a lot of things. allison, you work out of your home. >> i do. so i am unhappy around the clock. i don't like to break it up. i will say i have had jobs where when i was really happy and those jobs is when i left my house. i was happier during the week than the weekends. i looked forward to the week starting again. the same thing in college because i was a nerd. but when i started to hate the job i enjoyed the weekend are month. what the study shows is most
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people hate their jobs, except the people who are out of work, which they too are unhappy around the clock. >> it is interesting and provocative. i absolutely dismyself weekends. i look forward to them, and then that saturday morning i am hopelessly depressed. i don't know what to do with myself. i have no hobbies. what's my problem? >> that's a heck of a question. i thought you would become totally antisocial like i had and would relish the time alone. maybe you, bill and the lotion creation scenes are beginning to become an integral part of your life as they are mine. i am not dismissing that. i am a come -- comic, so ask me about work and i don't know. i wouldn't know much about going to work. this is all just the liberal media trying to convince us that the unemployment numbers are good for us. >> bring it back. way to bring it back to obama.
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bill, what do you say? you basically don't work at all. you basically roam the streets looking for scraps of food and any kind of drug residue off the shoes of homeless people. >> oh, gosh. >> homeless people don't have shoes. >> it is what we call tough love. continue, continue. >> i do all of those things, and while it may not be working, it is working it, so i guess i do that 24-7. we have done o si es, but this is by far the best. this is my favorite line from the whole study. the weekend affect isn't the same for those who regularly workweek ends. really? really? people have jobs on weekends don't like them as much. somebody call ripley's. that's amazing. >> well, they also said when they talked to people who have jobs they have a day off during the week and they were happier on that day off. >> yeah, but i'm -- >> they were pretty thorough. >> as one who did worked from
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home, you are right there is no weekend. there is just various degrees of alcoholism, roaches and misery. >> and really bad, bad tv. >> yes. coming up, sloppy joes. yes, they are joe's that don't shower. and a double negative alert.
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he dropped a bomb on mom. an 11-year-old is being haled for bravery after reporting his mother and her boyfriend were dealing drugs from their home. can we hear the 911 tape, please? >> 911, what is your emergency? >> i was here with my mom and her boyfriend and her
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boyfriend sells marijuana. >> how old are you? >> 11. >> are they there selling it now? >> no, but he has a bunch of it in the bedroom. >> are you at home by yourself? >> yes. with my little brother. >> okay. >> there is nothing more depressing than hearing a boy say my mom and her boyfriend. that's a great title for a sitcom, my mom and her boyfriend. anyway, according to police in lawton, oklahoma the boy warned his mom numerous times that, quote, drugs were bad, but she just told him to keep quiet. he did something and wisely waited until after christmas, smart move. get the gifts and then turn him in. anyway, what is a cat that can't meow have to say about this? >> wow.
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>> hard to argue with that. very hard to argue with that. steven, let me go to you first. was the kid right to do this? >> this the ingrate has no idea how hard it is in this economy for a single mother to find any kind of income and a boyfriend who is stoned enough to not care how skanky she is. >> here, here. >> he really should have a little appreciation -- he needs perspective. he is 11. if he were 14 he would be stealing the pot. >> he really is a third wheel. i mean, he's just a third wheel. his mom is just trying to have a good time. i'm kidding, he is an american hero. recommend -- remi, that's a heartbreaking phone call to listen to. >> it is hard to listen to that. it is also surprising in light of the fact that the mother wasn't charged with endangering the welfare of her children. she was bringing them to a home where they were
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committing drug crimes. i mean, if a child is gonna see something like this and think it is okay for his mother to do, and i believe this child went to other adults trying to get them to stop doing this, and he was the most responsible one, an 11-year-old. an 11-year-old was the only responsible one. >> allison, you have to admit, i am for drug legalization, but it has to suck to have a stoned mom. >> definitely, and her boy end from. you know the little boy is like, i'm gonna get them. i'm so sick of being around them all the time. i think it is brave and heroic. i also think he is a total nark, but how did he have the wherewith all to think to turn them in? when i was 11 i knew what marijuana was, but i couldn't identify it, especially if it was good. >> they grow up so fast, they really do. when i was growing up we didn't have 911. we just had to go out in the street and scream police, police! and sometimes naked. what do you think? should this child be
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commended? i do, i think he did a wonderful thing. >> he is a wonderful little snitch -- hero. here is the thing. i wail fight to my death to allowcheech and chong to marry. they should never have a kid for this reason. when they can lead a more responsible lifestyle, then they can adopt. >> that's an interesting piece of information i can't quite understand. >> you know what, it is friday and i'm fried. do you have a comment on the show, e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. and my direct line is 212-462-5050. still to corj the half time report from andy levy. he loves cats. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by my newest dance move, not to be confused with igniting the dolphin. thank you.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. aren't you the happiest on weekends watching the bengals or the jaguars? >> no, but i resolved to ignore cat-themed or cat-themed questions or comments. >> that was a sport question about football teams. >> was it, greg? >> yes, it was. >> was it really sf. >> i know you are a big fan of the bengals and jaguars.
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>> danny glover says the earthquake in haiti was a result of climate change and what we did at the climate summit in co pen hager. i think danny glover is too old for this [bleep]. you said if you had the number to a good shrink you would give it to eric burns of media matters. are you not happy with yours? >> well, you know. >> remi, danny glover said you know what i mean and you looked in the camera and said, no, i don't know what you mean. you know he is not watching, right? >> thank you. but you never know. have you so many fans watching "red eye" and i'm guessing he might me. >> i bet he is a huge "red eye" fan. >> and you said he hasn't made a good movie and someone suggested "dumb bow drop." hello, "dream girls"?
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>> clearly not the main character. >> i saw it on the airplane. >> that's the excuse you use when you saw something, but you want to pretend that you didn't want to. >> it is a choice limiting thing. i saw it on the airplane and it tells people you travel. >> it was like 15 years ago when you used to watch one movie on a plane. at this point the only way coakley can screw it up is making an irish joke wearing a yankees hat. after watching the video of scott brown's daughter you said he lost your vote, which would suck for brown except you live in new york. i'm just saying my hypothetical vote which is important and people campaign hard for it. >> greg, you mentioned the poll showing scott brown leading. that same poll shows 64% of voters thinkcokley will win.
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>> really? i don't understand. >> i don't either. steven, what is the margin of acorn? is it 15%? >> i believe the margin of acorn is now at 18%. >> okay. all right. >> and none of those polls factored in the hypothetical, by the way. >> bill, you said there were no homies on the right. michael steel, yo. >> no comment. >> by the way, here is how you know coakley is in trouble. gibbs says the election is not a referendum on president obama. he did say the election is a referendum on, quote, whose side are you on? it is hard to believe obama hasn't united the country. also interesting, bill clinton who has been the united nations special envoy to haiti since may in 2008 was at a rally for coakley in boston.
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new study shows people were happier on the weekend. you asked remi, do you buy this? do you buy this? like it is an amazing study. >> i disagreed with the study. >> you were the only one. >> i think people enjoy their week more than their weekends. over the weekends people pressure you to do stuff like charity fun runs. who wants to do that? >> i love my charity fun runs. >> case closed. i will not go on a charity run with you. >> an 11-year-old turns in mom and boyfriend for drugs. steven, i agree, what an ungrateful kid. mom is trying to put food on the table. she is doing what she needs to do. >> exactly. >> the kid is a good boy, but i would like to see with my nieces, if you find drugs, don't call 911. call uncle andy.
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>> i am done. >> you know, can i add one thing? can we show the mug shots again of that couple, if we can. you watch weeds, they glorify families selling drugs and this is what it really looks like. it is not fun. it is not good looking. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. you are saying dramas on show time like "diary of a call girl" color fight this stuff? >> yes, they do. >> all right, fox news exclusive. >> you know what, greg, are you not fun and you are not good looking. >> that's a line that was crossed. >> to think i was going to take the staff out for drinks later. now that's not gonna happen. >> bye. let me welcome back our expense. remi spencer, she is so hot children now pass her around at parties as part of hot remi. and a tv commentator.
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if hilarity was a fugitive, i would finger him for a large reward. and allison r oo sen -- rosen she could only have sword swallowers. this week a plastic bag with a small amount of cocaine was found in an orbiter processing facility. the restricted area holds about 200 personnel, all of whom were then made to take a mandatory drug test. the former astronaut bill nelson said, quote, they will find out who did this and they will be out the door. for more on this issue we go to fox news science correspondent, drunk puppy. what do you say about this drunk peppy? >> come on, you can do it. good boy. good boy. >> drunk puppy should never take the stairs. don't drink and stair. >> allison, if i was going to
3:36 am
space and doing drugs, i would not choose cocaine. >> right. well how would you even do it in space. you would have to be sniffing the air. i think the fact -- >> you open it up upright below your nose. just open it under your note. >> and then gravity do it. >> yes, thank you cameraman for showing it. you open if and it floats into your nose. >> like an automatic poper. i think it is good they are being rigorous and they said they will make sure nothing bad happened to the shuttle and want to make sure it is airtight. at the same time, cocaine is not a mind altering sub distance. it is like a stimulant. they probably got more work done. >> some astronauts say, you are so awesome, no, you are awesome. this is great. >> it is probably easier to tell which one is the guy doing it. chat teed -- chaty eddie.
3:37 am
>> is this going to be the beginning of a huge scandal at nasa where they will all be coke heads. >> they had a swift response to make sure complete safety, they will require the astronaut stay seated for the last hour of every space flight now. this rocked my world. i have been living in this sheltered i'd logical world where because they said that they are gonna find out who did it because nobody was obviously under the influence and they have supervisors and people who supervise space flight weren't the same people who could spot a blow freak a mile away. now i am supposed to believe that these are party hardy guys looking for the one duty who wrote poetry. that made me sad inside. remi, did it make you sad inside or did it delight you the way it delighted bill. >> it made me very sad. who is bringing this into a place
3:38 am
like this. there were 200 people that had access to that area they are hopeful to be able to narrow it down. they took drug tests and find out who it is. i can to know if they find that person, what is the explanation? >> i made out with a girl who did it. >> were you anywhere near the location on january 12th? >> i'm going to pretend i didn't hear that. there is good news. the countdowns will be less interminable. no more mississippi's greg. >> thank you, steven. always a pleasure having you on the show. >> if you don't stick around for the next story, i will stab bill in the face. >> and it is all things singe. i think i have said too much.
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well, in haiti rescue
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teams are scrambling to find survivors. on friday an american was pulled out of the wreckage of a hotel. thousands still remain trapped. time is running out. here now to discuss the desperate situation is dr. michael bond. he is a former chief medical examiner and fox news contributor. first off an american was rescued on friday. that is like almost three days under the rubble. i am always amazed -- i have to tell you, i'm a woos. if i'm stuck in an elevator, i would freak. how is it somebody can survive for 72 hours? >> the thing is, they don't lie from lack of food. food you can live for weeks without dying, but the water. and the 90-degree temperature there in haiti. so some people would die at three days, four days and five days. he must have been pretty healthy. they got him out in the nick of time. weter will be -- the hospitals are filled with people injured
3:43 am
by traumatic injuries. even a couple days will be the infections, diarrhea, mosquito infection from contaminated water. the infrastructure is so bad that the sewer pipes are probably contaminating the water supply. the water that is being brought in by the boats can't land at the port because the port was destroyed. there will be a lot of problems getting clean water to people in port-au-prince and the out lying districts. >> you are bringing up diseases and what about the disease when you have bodies? you have bodies everywhere. >> yes, decomposing bodies don't cause disease. they do attract insects and mosquitos. they will get malaria, hepatitis, playing, typhoid fever and diarrheas. millions of people die, mostly children, of diarrhea in poor
3:44 am
countries around the world. once the diarrhea comes in, that will kill thousands of people and they can't get away without getting good, clean water instead of the contaminated water. it is a major tragedy. all of the doctors are coming now to help the living. getting rid of the dead bodies are important and they will have to put them into mass graves and burn them. not a pleasant thing in itself. >> it is a necessity. i want to move on to another topic. a really interesting story. you told me this in the green room and it remains the largest serial killing unsolved spree in american history, i guess. it is a 1982 chicago tylenol murders left 7 people dead after victims took tylenol capsules laced with cyanide. to this day the case is unsolved. given modern advances in technology, the fbi is revisiting the case, right? >> yes.
3:45 am
it is probably the number one unsolved murder of the 20th century. it lead to new packaging of drugs. what happened in chicago -- >> oh, you brought me some drugs. >> somebody took the capsules that were common those days. they took them apart, thank you,. >> bill, control yourself. >> and then filled the capsules with cyanide. 7 people died. that lead to tamper proof bottles including these gel capsules and all kinds of things you can't tamper with anymore. >> those things i have a hard time swallowing, i have to say. but the bought dels and thengs you can't open, that's because of the tylenol days. >> what they will try to do is try and get dna or a partial
3:46 am
fingerprint with better technology from the bottles or from the pills themselves. you can get them from the pills. >> say i want to poison bill because he has been irritating me. is this a possible bill that rather than just poison bill you paysoned random strangers and bill with the same kind of tainted product. it looks like it is the work of a tamperer and not somebody who knows him. >> you are pretty good. what happened in 82 was there were a lot of copycats. they killed people including one in new york state who did the same thing. they put cyanide in tylenol capsules and killed off 5 or 10 different people. that was n done by the person who did the deed in chicago. hoping the authorities would think it was the same person. >> well, on a related subject, even if you just didn't do tampering, say you wanted to kill bill, but i don't want people to know it is me, would
3:47 am
it be possible to -- they think he is a serial killer and he is at the wrong place at the wrong time. is that how a lot of these start? >> not a lot, but that's an interesting idea. you don't want to be a serial killer, but if you do, you have to kill three people or more. it has to be three people with cooling off periods in between. if you came in and just shot us all here and then went after -- >> don't give him any ideas. >> and also went over joshua in the men's room and shot him and somebody else, that's a mass murder. it is all in the same period of time. you didn't cool of on. >> i see. so it is also not just numbers, but time. i have to ask you, we are a free society. well, we are free. >> we are expensive. >> i keep thinking food tampering will be the next wave of terror. are there discussions about
3:48 am
this? >> absolutely. look what happened with the innocent, the salmonella on lettuce and all that. the food supply in this country is being closely watched because of the possibility of not only natural reasons for disease, but for terrorism. >> yeah, i assumed that's got to be high on the priority list. it just seems so simple a guy can go into a drugstore and tamper with -- imagine somebody who is planning somebody what they could do. it is horrifying to me, and i don't want to think about it. dr. b, always a pleasure. even talking about this depressing stuff. coming up next, your voicemail messages.
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now, the suitcase converts into a water proof flotation device intended to help victims of sinking ships stay afloat. the device was first designed in 1915 by a former sailor from alberta. this is not looking good. he drew inspiration from the titanic. [laughing] >> how do you feel? in the other entertainment news here is cheryl hickey.
3:53 am
>> i didn't see what was so funny. good thing i wasn't watching the clip. >> it is time for messages for greg. kickback, relax, have a little cocoa. feast your eyes on the delightful wildlife as we bathe your ears with warm, soap pea -- soapy words. >> i just want to say when ever i hear bill talk it makes me feel like i am part of mensa so thank you. >> when you are going to have sarah palin in a leg chair. >> greg, you need to keep asking andy levy the cat questions and he will eventually break down and start answering them again. >> why is andy levy called tv's andy levy. it has been bothering me for a longtime. if you can answer that on the air, i would be able to sleep. >> i just don't get your show all that much. but i watch it because i can't watch the repeats of the other
3:54 am
shows constantly. i guess i'm board to death. that's why i'm calling. good luck with your show. it's different. >> greg, are you criticizing jay leno for buying those wonderful old cars? tell me something, just exactly how old is your wonderful old car? >> greg, i was hearing about sarah palin. you did great to hire her, man. she's gonna have the last laugh. all of these people cutting her down, sarah palin will have the last laugh, greg. have a great night, man. >> andy levy please give bill some fashion tips. and andy levy, please don't wear as much make up as the women. >> boy, all good tips tonight. the elderly lady who said the show wasn't bad, but she was board, e-mail me. i think you should be on the
3:55 am
show. keep calling on my direct line, 212-462-5050. we'll close things out with the magical post game wrap up from tv's andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox news .com.
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time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> remi, any big trials coming up? >> i do. i am getting ready to start a big trial for an rent po client. like any good defense attorney i am getting ready for it. >> while being on "red eye"? >> exactly. >> thanks for the details. >> a good lawyer wouldn't spill the day tails. >> i don't want to taint the jury pool. >> alice allison -- what is allison rosen is your new best friend. >> i do it on the web and stream it live on wednesday
3:59 am
nights. it is 2 or 3 hours. i have guests and i talk and it is fun. and upcoming segments include a producer from the daley show will cut my hair. and everybody's favorite adult film star will be there chatting. >> not my favorite. >> she is being on used veal. >> and skip me from -- skippy from "family ties." >> i have a new talk show. viewers e-mail in. let me know what is going on with your [bleep]. >> all right. >> classy. >> how much time do i have left? >> way too much, greg. way of too. >> we have to edit that. >> i'm gonna edit that. >> should we keep talking as if we may have to edit the whole thing out. >> remi, bill, you suck,


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